Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sucker Punch


If you are a boy approaching puberty, this will be the greatest film you will ever see. If you aren’t, it won’t.

Nothing much in terms of plot, script, or character, but masses and masses of action that looks just a-grade spectacular.

Visually this is one of the most stunning computer assisted movies you can see right now, it looks awesome. Throw in a bunch of scantily clad hot girls fighting for a probably pointless cause and no depth whatsoever and you’ve got Sucker Punch.

In short, it’s what 300 director Zach Snyder is known for, amazing looking movies that don’t really have or need a plot.


Super 8


Dubbed as the family film of the summer this one is being noted as homage to Spielberg who produces the film.

Yes, it is a cracking movie. However, for me, what lets it down is that it over-stretches itself in every frame. It has been over-produced. It felt to me like someone had decided they could have loads of money to make it, so they should spend every penny.

I got the impression that JJ Abrams wanted to make ET but decided to make Transformers 8. There was so much unnecessary detail to each scene that it did distance the viewer from the closeness and charm of the script.

If they had taken out 80% of the special effects, the bombs, the military, the train crash – all spectacular moments to witness, but not moments that enhanced the plot at all, then this would have been a much more personal and impressive movie.

The alien could have been captive for example in a bus, the bus could have crashed in a small town, and an elite and quirky team of bad guys sent in to capture it, whilst the kids played out their own mission. This, in my view, would have been a better film than train-crash, military, bombs, town-evacuation etc. Sometimes less is more.


Little White Lies


The most compelling, charming, magnificent little character movie I have seen for ages.

When a French film is good, it is magnifique! Little White Lies was magnifibloodywonderful.

Funny, moving, and loaded with personality, I can recommend this without hesitation. Very few films have made me laugh out loud as hard as this one, formidable!


Attack The Block


Great! Another first time director moment by a famous small screen face – this time Joe Cornish of Adam and Joe fame has aliens attacking an estate in South London, and it’s down to the yoof to defend their turf.

Plenty of people have raved about this one, and for good reason, it is seriously good fun.

It does lack a little in character development, there are plenty of clever ‘street speak’ lines but the characters don’t go much further than the one dimension. It is also far too short; only just long enough to officially qualify as a feature. I felt there was room for a sub-plot or two and a little more from the fringe characters that could have been comedy gold, rather than comedy foils.

Nonetheless, it was great!




A delightful, charming, beautiful movie by first time director Richard Ayoade (who plays Moss in the IT Crowd).

The story is simple, a young boy wanting to lose his virginity and keep his parents together in a sleepy town in Wales.

Excellent performances, a quality script, and a terrific soundtrack from Alex Turner, there is very little not to like about this movie.

Much praise has been given to Ayoade and I do have to touch on that just briefly. For a first timer, this is an exceptional debut, but much of the credit must go to his cinematographer Erik Wilson and also the scenery itself, which has been captured magnificently. I’m not saying Ayoade hasn’t done an excellent job; just that he has had a lot of help.




Gripping, beautifully well made and with a banging soundtrack from the Chemical Brothers.

It is not the finest film you will ever see, and Cate Blanchett turns in a very below par performance, as does Eric Bana If I really want to over-think it. But it is still the filmic equivalent of a page-turner picked up on holiday. It will surprise you a little, but you can leave it at the hotel when you’ve finished.

It looks great, it sounds good, and it won’t challenge you at all.


A quick note:


Just wanted to say, I will be continuing to blog, but with much more concise reviews for the time being as ‘life’ is getting in the way of the keyboard right now.

Many thanks, I hope you will continue to read, react and enjoy.