Friday, 15 April 2011

The American


Very little seems to happen in The American. It is slow, the action is fleeting and rare, and there are extensive scenes where all we see is George Clooney walking down assorted streets.

However, The American is an absorbing, classy little film. It is slow, but it allows the viewer room to breathe, the plot twists gradually and it is powerful and poignant.

George Clooney plays an assassin who has lost his edge. Opening in Sweden we quickly establish the hard-hearted harshness of Clooney’s character. He is dispatched to a small town in Italy to regroup and await instruction. As he carefully and slowly builds and calibrates a rifle we see him gradually clear his head and lay plans for his future.

There is nothing new to The American, but it is refreshing to see a Clooney piece that is style and character led over action and extensive plot.

I enjoyed this movie but don’t want to overplay its greatness. My verdict is that it is the perfect in-flight movie (and I think BA are currently screening it). It will hold your interest and won’t challenge you and is a very pleasant way to spend 1hr 45mins.