Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jackass 3


Johnny Knoxville and his quirky posse of ‘professional stuntmen’ are back for more of the same!

There is nothing new here, but what we get is the predictable grouping of the painful to watch, sometimes vomit inducing, gross-out stunts that Knoxville and the lads have made a living from.

Surprisingly there isn’t a stand-out stunt in this movie, but the collection we are ‘treated’ to simply continue the Jackass brand. If you like Jackass, you will like this.

For me, it is feeling a little stale now, and strangely Knoxville is starting to look a little too old to be fronting this – which may explain why he is always wearing sunglasses.



  1. I never found a group of men throwing poo over themselves very funny. It seems the target audience has also matured and grown out of this!

  2. Indeed! Sadly, it isn't just me getting old...Knoxville is too, and that really isn't funny!