Friday, 18 March 2011

Let's get this baby off the ground...

Hello blog world.

Straight up time - I've never considered being a blogger before and have little to no idea what a blog is!

So what am I doing? Well, to be honest I thought this would be a forum for me to chat about a few things I'm into right now. So I wanted to talk film, TV, music and sometimes soccer.

I studied film at university, work in TV, am in a band, and have had a tough life as a football fan.

I can't pick a top film, but to demonstrate my tastes here are a few that I love - Blade Runner, Let The Right One In, The Silence Of The Lambs, Animal Kingdom, Howl's Moving Castle, Pan's Labyrinth, The Big Lebowski, The Dark Knight, Anchorman, The Hangover. I know, plenty of well known classics in there, but I don't want to get too obscure in my introduction.

As for TV. I consume far too much TV than is good for me and often find myself getting into shows that are basically crappy, but something about them will keep me coming back for more. It's always hard to choose 'best TV shows' so I'll just use my box-set keepers that are in view as a guide to my tastes: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Californication, 30 Rock, nuts, that's all US stuff...ok, a few UKers - Misfits, Being Human, The Office, Spooks. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of guilty pleasure TV - in fact my Sky + is all set up for House, Fringe, the new V series and even Greys Anatomy...and these are probably what I'll end up banging on about!

Oh and a confession - I still watch Neighbours. I saw the first episode when I was a kid and haven't give up. It's the only soap I watch and, even though I know it is awful, I love it. I may even need to get a 'Neighbours Watch' kinda thing going on.

Music is an impossible passion of mine. An addiction. I'm not sure if I'll just talk about the gigs I'm heading to or link up albums etc here as well, but my taste is too broad to narrow down. Unless the tube is on, I have music on the house or on headphones. I have a radio show and am always on the hunt for the next big thing, but who isn't huh. Again, I'm not setting out to try and impress anyone, if I like something then chances are I'll want to give it a shout.

As for football, I am a long long suffering Newcastle United fan. It is a horrible thing being a football fan as it is so consuming. And when they lose, which my team make a habit of doing, it sucks. Like all good fans, there is total knowledge on my part that I could and should be the manager of my club.

So...what am I about to get into today? Well, I'm currently reading Y The Last Man, an incredible graphic novel set on Earth where suddenly, and from nowhere all the men on the planet die, except for one young man, a hapless magician who has a pet monkey. I've got to watch Due Date in the next coupla days as I promised a listener I'd discuss it on air next week, a movie I've heard mixed to poor things about. And tonight I'm off to watch Our Style Is Legendary at the theatre.

As for this site, no idea what to expect. I may find it great fun and be posting constantly, this may be my sole offering, watch this space I guess.

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