Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some tracks for your ears.

Music. A few choice numbers.

I’ve actually had a handful of emails asking for another posting about music. As you will see, I’ve already reviewed Saint Jude live and the album by Broken Bells and I fully intend to continue with musical postings in the coming weeks.

What I thought would be fun is if I shared a few tracks that I really think you should have a listen to. For this one I’m going with tunes that put me in a good mood. I’m giving myself a maximum spend of £15 on iTunes as a guide for how many tracks to include, and I am fully expecting many of you to already have some if not all of my suggestions. Nothing too obscure here as I want them to be numbers you can get easily if your interest is suitably piqued.

As with everything on here, I welcome feedback and additional suggestions, so do make use of the comment box at the bottom if you want to add any thoughts.

This is in no order, just a random playlist.

1. Moths. 50,000 Watt Transmitter.

Moths are an undiscovered gem on the verge of greatness. This is their opening track from their debut and sets us up for the excitement that lies in wait across the album. Clear tuneful guitar sweeps around a walking baseline, punctuated with subtle organ hits and synthesiser, all mixed with aplomb. As with each track on the album, it is all held together with the hypnotic vocals of lead singer Chris Sheehan. Great stuff, and an excellent way to start this playlist if I do say do myself! Here is a youtube link to the video:

2. King Lizard. Rain On You.

London’s trailblazing ‘sleaze’ rock act, this is a band that is unstoppable. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live on countless occasions and can confirm they absolutely rock the house! They write extremely catchy numbers and are electric live, an absolutely superb experience. Their album is just out and one of the tracks that best sums up their vibe and energy is Rain On You. Niro’s screaming guitar does battle with lead singer Flash’s titan vocal. They are a great band, it is a top tune. Enjoy.

3. Broken Bells. The High Road.

Having written a full review of the album (see below) I don’t want to repeat myself. I could frankly choose any of their numbers for this playlist, but why not start at the beginning with them. Great stuff.

4. The Cat Empire. Waiting.

The absolute best thing to come from Australia, and I include Shane Warne, Kylie and even Carl and Susan in that list! These guys are without question the best live act I have ever seen, as individuals these musicians are so good it is actually inspiring to witness. If you ever get the chance to see them live, take it. Waiting is the opening track from their latest album Cinema and is their classic blend of upbeat rhythms, sexy turntable, roomy bass, pounding trumpets, hard piano, rich harmonies and a gorgeous Hammond organ. The album is quite simply – amazing. Buy the album, have a party, thank me.

5. RJD2. A Beautiful Mine.

Instrumental hip-hop at its best. Strings, beats, guitars, percussion, a harp, bass. You’ll know this track at the title music to Mad Men, but the song stands alone as a brilliant piece of work. If you haven’t spent time with RJD2 before, let this one guide you in.

6. Shit Robot. Take ‘Em Up.

Yea! A dance floor track and probably the danciest in this playlist. From the outstanding album From The Cradle To The Rave, which is another album that deserves a full listen. This one is techno house charging flat out into electro pop and the result is one banging charmer.

7. Saint Jude. Soul On Fire.

See below for my review of them live. I am really into Saint Jude right now, and once you’ve heard this triumphant opener from them I think you will be too. Rock 'n' roll baby.

8. Nightmares On Wax. You Wish.

This is a celebration for anyone who loves a proper rich keyboard. Great groove, perfect for kicking back. Get this one on your stereo, crank it up, fall in.

9. Gorrilaz featuring Lou Reed. Some Kind Of Nature.

I was recently asked what I considered to be the best Lou Reed song, on balance I’d plump for Paranoia Key Of E…but this track manages to capture the essence of Mr Reed, that vibe that makes him so effortlessly cool. Gorillaz are up the front when it comes to both live and recorded. For me, their best track is Superfast Jellyfish, which is totally worth enjoying, but I’ve opted for Some Kind Of Nature for this playlist as it is ticking the box today!

10. The Robert Cray Band. I’m Walking.

Urban blues meets smokin’ soul. Cray’s voice jumps in for a bit of perfect synchronised swimming with a well-baked Hammond organ and some massive walking guitar. If this doesn’t make you feel better after a bad relationship, unlucky. It’s from their 14th album ‘Twenty’, can’t find a recorded link, so check em out doing it live.

11. Bitmap. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Dreamy, catchy, and a little bit special. It manages to fall into that ‘lovely’ song category without that being a bad thing. Another one to dive into. It’s from the album Alpha Beta Gamma, can’t find a youtube link, so have provided their myspace.

12. The Black Crowes. Remedy.

Love it. Love them. One of my all time fave moments of recorded music comes in at 3.42mins into the song. Outstanding. The Crowes at their peak.

13. David Ford. Go To Hell.

This man can play, he can sing, he can write, and he even seems like a very nice humble fella. Saw him perform live a couple of years ago, great stuff. Top tune and mind-blowingly talented video.

14. OK Go. End Love.

Thought I’d finish with a happy song with an exceptional video – if you’ve made it this far through my suggestions I think you deserve a great watch. Reportedly fantastic live, Ok Go are way more than just an act with great videos, but this is a great video! Once you’ve watched this one you must check out their others.

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