Monday, 25 July 2011

The Adjustment Bureau


A light-hearted romantic love-story with a sci-fi twist. Matt Damon is the rising politician who randomly meets striking ballerina Emily Blunt and their adventures begin. Seemingly not fated to be together, the normally unseen powers that be do their best to keep the couple apart so they can follow the life-map that has been laid out for them.

 This is a race-against time romo-thriller with an underbelly of sci-fi action added into the mix.

 Personally, I enjoyed this movie. I found it engaging, gripping, a pleasure to watch. It won’t challenge you, there is nothing taxing about it, and perhaps it is a little too predictable for hardened filmgoers. But if you are looking for a decent untaxing watch for a night in with the Mrs, other half, housemates, or just you and the sofa, you won’t be let down by The Adjustment Bureau.

 It is a first time outing for director George Nolfi who had previously written blockbusters The Bourne Ultimatum and Oceans Twelve. Perhaps due to this being his first outing, Nolfi keeps it very simple. Visually it is all quite basic, which is a tad disappointing given the sci-fi nature of the plot. A more experienced director perhaps would have ramped up the visuals. But keeping it simple can also be effective and Nolfi will probably feel ready to take a few more risks with his next outing.


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