Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Music/Gig Live at Ko Ko, Camden

You may only know OK GO as the guys who do the amazing videos. Perhaps you only know them for the treadmill one? There is a strong chance you can’t immediately hum one of their tunes, and yet somehow you’ll know more of their tracks than you think.

Having loved their videos for a long time, I heard the guys were coming to town…so I downloaded their album and booked my tickets.

I have to be frank here, when an act is known primarily for their videos, you have to be a little concerned about what they are like as a live group…

All I can say is – f**king brilliant! These guys know how to put on a show and party with you like it is just you with them in their front room.

This show had a bit of everything. Yes, it turns out they are a really good live band. But far more than that, they know how to put on a performance, and it had something for everyone.

Here are a few highlights –

A song where the four of them stood around a huge table filled with bells and used the bells to form the entire track, singing on top of it. This is a very tough thing to master and commanded total attention from the impressed crowd.

A brilliant video made only for that night, which concluded with the star of it, Tim the bassist, emerging dressed as a gold-clad Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.

An outstanding solo performance from the lead singer who waded through us all, set up a box to stand on in the middle of the crowd and sang into the audience with his guitar. Brave man. 

Massively cool light effects including lasers attached to their guitar heads and an ever-changing pattern on the back of their jackets.

The biggest, most frequently used confetti cannons I’ve ever seen.

Excellent and regular banter with themselves and the audience. I like it when you feel included!

Seriously, OK GO are what established live acts should be about – putting on one heck of a show. Their music was excellent, but the show really did take them to the next level. I am a great fan of bands who go the distance to entertain, I actually find it quite frustrating when you only get the songs played back to you…OK GO just know how to please an audience and I will absolutely be coming back for more.

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