Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Afterparty by Leo Benedictus


A terrific page-turner that follows the lives of four individuals at a party over a single night. The gate crashing nobody, the superstar Hollywood actor, his drug addicted model wife, and a young starlet just setting out on the scene.

Leo Benedictus tells an excellent story which is loaded with twists and turns. By experiencing the same action through the different perspectives of the four characters we keep learning more and more about the event and continue to re-frame our sympathies.

Benedictus also adds in a fifth element between the chapters, that of email dialogue between the author and a publisher he is hoping will take the book. It adds another level and enables us to step out of the story quite frequently to assess what we have just taken in.

It is a frighteningly descriptive book and Benedictus’ turn of phrase makes you delight in the word-play whist also enjoying the plot. I can categorically recommend The Afterparty. It is a modern triumph of drugs, celebrity, casual sex, lies and the fame game.

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