Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Breaking Bad, Seasons 1&2

TV Show

Fantastic television that I am chuffed to bits to have discovered.

Brian Cranston, the dad from Malcolm In The Middle, plays a genius chemistry teacher called Walter whose younger wife is pregnant and they already have a disabled teenage son.

By the middle of the first episode Walter is diagnosed with lung cancer and told his chances of survival are not good. His family is riddled with debt and there is no way they can afford his medical care and pay their household bills.

To cut a long story short (and not spoil anything for you), Walter decides to use his chemical genius to start cooking crystal meth and buddies up with a former drop-out student of his to get the product out on the street.

Needless to say the meth is the best around, and Walter goes through vast changes is personality as the various adventures and horrors unfold around him.

I highly recommend this show. I am currently doing all I can to find Season 3 as I believe Season 4 is going to air later this year…and my next fix can’t come soon enough!

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