Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Green Hornet


I watched this one on a flight and found myself glad that I hadn’t invested my time and money on the cinema experience.

It is actually an ok movie as you’d hope with Michel Gondry’s hand on the tiller. It has some pretty cool action sequences, it is reasonably well performed, there are some nifty gadgets and a handful of witty lines…but really it is nothing more than an expensive kids (well, maybe that should be teenagers) film.

The problem with this is that this is all so tame and bland. Seth Rogan, a man who has made me roar with laughter in the past, is not on form at all. He seems so keen to be the leading man that he has lost almost all of his sense of comedy. And as for it being directed by Michel Gondry, there is only really a peppering of Gondry in here, essentially two massively underused talents= disappointing!

Easy viewing, slightly entertaining, and not offensive in the slightest. But also not great, on any level.


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