Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Hangover 2


They are back, and they are in a shitload more trouble!

Anyone reading this is going to know all about the first movie, and just to clarify – I LOVED number one, 8.5/10 was my score at the time, which is very high from me.

So how about the new one? Same guys, same idea, different location. I’m not planning on spoiling anything for you so I’ll keep it simple. The problem is we know the punch line. We know their characters, we know the set up, and we know how it will all unfold. For many people this is going to spoil the enjoyment of this movie, not for me.

This took the first one to the next level and delivered plenty of laughs throughout this extremely enjoyable follow up. It is ruder, more outrageous, and predictably more grotesque. Where the first one had surprise and charm, this one is unashamedly in your face and ready to shock.

I should at this stage point out that I saw it on opening night in Miami for the late night showing. Beers had been consumed by myself and everyone in the massive cinema audience – essentially this was the ultimate viewing environment to enjoy this film. Even being in America was a bonus as the crowd had a different reaction to us Brits to several of the gags. I enjoyed the crowd almost as much as the film itself.

You are going to see broadsheet newspapers and highbrow reviewers taking cheap shots at this movie due to the copycat nature of the first. Don’t let them put you off. This is a terrific film that will have you laughing out loud…just don’t wait until it’s on DVD, you need the big screen, and big audience experience to get the best out of Hangover 2.

It isn’t as good as the first, but it is still a very entertaining movie that is gonna have you laughing at the big screen.


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