Thursday, 16 June 2011

Morning Glory


Rachel McAdams is the TV producer who finds herself charged with saving the ailing breakfast show before its 40-year life comes to an end. Can she beat her doubters, the critics of the show, and the grizzly and reluctant news anchor Harrison Ford? Well what do you think!?

Actually, this is quite a cute little film. It is harmless and rather charming and if you find yourself looking for a couple of trouble free unchallenging hours you could do a lot worse than Morning Glory.

McAdams, it must be said, carries the lead rather well. She is fast become the new Sandra Bullock taking easy to watch movies and approaching them in a carefree manner. Unfortunately she has lost all her sex appeal for me – not once did I find myself distracted by this beauty on screen, somehow she has become the girl next door who you don’t even flirt with, something of a shame really (although I doubt she’ll mind, it is a long time since she wanted to be my facebook friend!).

It is quite surreal seeing Harrison Ford in this movie. Here is a man who I’ve watched pilot the Millennium Falcon, be chased by massive boulders as Indiana, and generally bark louder than the loudest alpha dog in the pack. So what the hell is he doing in a middle of the road puff piece of a film? Well, he’s playing the grumpy old man who McAdams has to win over, and he isn’t too shabby. Thinking about it makes me want to cringe, but somehow watching it didn’t feel too shameful.

I think I can best sum it up this way... on paper this should be a load of crap. In reality it is actually quite a relaxing way to switch off. Don’t plan your night around this one, watch it on a hungover Sunday or if you have had a shitty day at work and just want to unwind. It may make you smile, a little.


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